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V.V.Vanniaperumal had an exemplary track record in the business world of Tamil Nadu, South India since 1943. He had three illustrious sons who built up the business empire in edible sesame (Gingelly) oil as traditional family business. Their business base was constructed in the Business town - Virudhunagar, 30 Kms from Madurai Airport.

Mr. V.V.V. Rajendran, son of Mr. V.V.Vanniaperumal was the founder of the Idhayam Group in the year 1 986. Hands with an experience of more than 43 years launched sesame oil in a new consumer packing in the brand name 'Idhayam Sesame Oil'. 'Idhayam', the name gets its origin from 'Hriday' a Sanskrit word, which means 'heart'. Idhayam sesame oil is a natural cooking medium. It does not affect the heart, hence the name. Idhayam also reduces blood cholesterol. Today just the word 'Idhayam', has almost become synonymous with Sesame Oil. The Group was built with the main object of 'Growth with Truth and Hard Work'. 'Committed Quality' was their key to success.

Within a short span of its launch 'Idhayam' entered into millions of homes and also into the hearts of its occupants.

After the demise of the founder of Idhayam Mr. V.V.V. Rajendran in 1994 the business onus fell on Muthu and his able and efficient brothers Sathyam and Thendral. They collectively took charge of reins of the Group following the same principles of Mr. V.V.V. Rajendran.

Quality sesame seeds are not available throughout the year. Hence good quality sesame seeds carefully sourced from different states during different seasons in India and are precleaned through a special three tier sophisticated cleaning system. Idhayam sesame oil does not froth while heating, a proof for its purity so It can be used even for deep frying. They also have a modern auto packing system.

Palm jaggery which has the properties of preservative is used in the production of Idhayam sesame oil. Palm jaggery when added gives out a flavour making Idhayam sesame oil an excellent cooking medium. Absence of bitter taste in Idhayam sesame oil makes it the most preferable cooking oil. The pickle makers first preference is Idhayam oil.

Presence of linoleic acid (Essential Fatty Acid) in Idhayam sesame oil tends to make it a controller of cholesterol. Its medicinal properties makes it a principal ingredient in the preparation of Ayurvedic drugs. It is also used for body massage. "Child Specialists at the University College of Medical Science (UCMS), Delhi say that sesame oil is the best massage oil for babies. "People will save money by using plain sesame oil instead of those heavily advertised baby massage oils", they said in their report.


No artificial flavours...

No Chemicals so very natural


Idhayam again introduced another superior sesame oil- Idhayam Delit which is manufactured from only export quality sesame seeds. Recipes prepared using Idhayam Delit leaves your mouth watering.

The success of any product, however good it be, mainly depends on the advertising strategies and correct positioning of the brand. Idhayam emerged as a successful brand greatly because of the advertising principles it had used. The budget for advertising in 1983 was only Rs.20,000/- per month, which has now gone up to Rs.20 lakhs per month. This shows the importance given by the company for advertising.

They never tire in inventing innovative ideas to attract consumers and motivate dealers. They conduct competitions and family programmes to attract customers and encourage the winners by gifting them with recipe books, Rangoli books etc. Cooking and Rangoli (Patterns drawn on ground using Rangoli powder or chalk piece) is considered as an art in India. Housewives find these books very useful. Sometimes even the customers are invited to show their talents to make them feel involved. For example through a Rangoli Competition, Rangolis were collected from the customers through an advertisement. Best of these were selected and compiled into a book. Such novel ideas keep springing from them, which helps in attracting customers.

Being such great innovative market leaders, Idhayam, with the enormous production capabilities, infra-structural facilities and a committed workforce, within a short span of five years, an annual turnover of Rs.70 crores (approx. USS 16 million) was reached in 1998-99; the growth rate in volume terms for the period 1994-98 touched 50 percent.

Wondering how this could happen? Well, Quality. That is the keyword of their astounding success.

Their main motto is customer satisfaction. They would take any step to make their product the best of all edible oils.

Having established its roots in Tamil Nadu, Idhayam sesame oil has now crossed into the borders of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Mumbai and Delhi. There is demand for the product with open arms and heart from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Gulf/UAE countries, SriLanka, USA.

A blend of traditional comfort with modern outlook

Casual wear what you really wanted...

Having infiltrated almost every kitchen in TamilNadu with the hugely successful 'Idhayam' and ' Del it' brands of sesame oil, the Group expanded itself into the textile industry. Within textiles they zeroed in on a product that would be novel, exotic and off the beaten track for the market as well as be an integral part of every wardrobe. They branded it 'Rasathe Darling'.

A sister company, Rasathe Hosieries was thus born in 1996, to produce the popular Rasathe Darling nighties. Like in the case of Idhayam/ Delit brands of sesame oil, advertisement again gave the much- wanted leverage in marketing the night wear. No compromise on quality was made here too.

Starting with just night wears they have now introduced Churidhars also.

In an era where only branded products receive attention, Rasathe Darling has almost gained all the publicity and people are highly interested in this quality product. It has become a name in vogue for fashion wears, serving the hottest in latest trends.

Exclusive designer wears blending style and comfort are the unique features of this product. Elegance comes naturally to any women attired in this graceful wear.

The Group saw to it that there was an incredible variety of fabrics, designs, shades, patterns floated in the market for the customers to choose from. Above all, the price of these quality garments were quite competitive, hence helped in sales promotion.

The spine of the company however falls on the workforce. Idhayam has a committed team of staffs whose effort has played a major role in the upliftment of the company. The company in turn has a number of staff welfare schemes giving them training and good recognition.

Idhayam has given its part even in public welfare. They have patronised a Residential School named after their founder Idhayam Rajendran at Madurai. Their dedicated service to society shows their compassion towards mankind. Idhayam Group on the whole has left no stone unturned and is marching successfully towards further ventures.


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