Nuts about Peanuts!

28-10-2013 16:58:26
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Why peanut oil? If that's what you're tempted to ask, let's put it slightly differently. Why not peanut oil? Sweet-flavoured and tasty, its adaptability to all types of cooking makes the oil a natural choice for large-scale catering. An ideal option for deep frying. Thanks to the high temperature it can reach, the result is a crunchy exterior with a moist interior. It is free from cholesterol, and the essential fatty acid it contains makes peanut oil a healthy cooking medium.
This vegetable oil, besides being a rich source of plant sterols and a large dose of anti-oxidant vitamin E, helps increase the good cholesterol in blood and improves the digestive system's functioning. Available all year round in different forms, it has a shelf life of six months under ordinary conditions. To top it all, this versatile oil is a beauty mantra too! Skin and nail protector, healthy hair promoter and remover of dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles and dandruff… you name it, this oil can work wonders. That's Idhayam Mantra in a nutshell! Unrefined and filtered!

Last modified on 09 November 201315:44


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