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Although the importance of the oral cavity for general health and the benefits of oil pulling using sesame oil were known to ancient Indian physicians, there was no modern research carried out in this regard till fairly recently. But now, studies have shown that there is a scientific basis for the belief that the mouth is key to overall well-being and the act of oil pulling cleanses and cures.
Traditional Indian systems of medicine see the tongue as an indicator of general health. Ancient Chinese medicine too held the same view. Some schools of thought regarded the colour of the tongue as significant - an inflamed tongue indicated an inflamed digestive system, a pale one was a clue that the digestive system was not working, and a bluish or purple tongue was a sign that the system was overburdened with toxins.
Other groups believe that the condition of the tongue not only indicates problems elsewhere in the body, but that 'treating' the tongue can indirectly treat diseases in other areas, because certain areas on the tongue are linked to certain parts of the body, much like acupressure points on the palms and the soles of the feet. Some areas are linked to the spleen, others to the brain, some to the stomach, to the heart, the lungs, the lymph nodes, and so on. By extension, massaging or exerting gentle pressure on the tongue stimulates these areas, and encourages the body's own healing mechanism to kick in and do its work.
Modern science has an explanation of how oil pulling actually works. The microorganisms usually present in the mouth have a fatty membrane as their outer wall. When oil is vigorously swirled and sucked and pulled through the teeth and around the mouth, it mixes with the saliva and enters every crevice and pore in the mouth. The lipids in the oil flush out the bacteria and toxins and they bond with the oil. This bonding changes the colour and texture of the oil. The process has to go on sufficiently long for complete cleansing, and then the bacteria-laden oil has to be expelled from the mouth.
" Doctors who studied the oil which was spat out after oil pulling found it teeming with microorganisms. If the oil is swallowed, the germs will spread through the body."
German studies claim that oil pulling activates the lymphatic flow and leads to the elimination of metabolic acids from the system - in other words, detoxification happens.
In the process of oil pulling, the inner lining of the mouth becomes supple, keeping dryness away. This regular oil massage of the mouth also prevents microorganisms from sticking to the walls of the oral cavity, and fungus from growing. Being a vegetable fat, sesame oil acts as an emulsifier or as soap too, cleaning out the mouth. At the same time, the good micro-flora find a conducive environment to grow.
Idhayam Wealth, being of very high quality, maximizes the benefits of this technique.

Last modified on 05 December 201315:03


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