Oil Pulling Therapy

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Toothpaste, toothbrush and water are essential tools for the everyday routine of maintaining dental hygiene practically everywhere. Dental floss and mouthwash are comparatively new additions to the scene of oral hygiene. They all serve to rid the mouth of collected bacteria. But the routine known as oil pulling goes a step beyond the common cleansing regimen. It also predates commercially available mouthwashes.

What and Where it began
Oil pulling involves a thorough cleansing of the mouth using sesame oil of the finest quality. Idhayam Wealth is ideally suited for the purpose.
Charaka, the ancient Ayurvedic physician, mentioned the practice of Oil Pulling in the treatise called Charaka Samhita. It is referred to as Kavala Graha or Kavala Gandoosha. It was generally held to be efficacious in treating not only mouth disorders but general disorders like diabetes and asthma as well.

How to do it
Oil pulling is a simple exercise. All you need is a tablespoon of good quality sesame oil, for example Idhayam Wealth. Here's what you do:
•    First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, take the oil in your mouth and swirl it around your teeth and over your tongue.
•    Pull it in between your teeth, push it around from one side to another, let it get into every nook and cranny of your mouth.
•    Go on doing all this for at least ten minutes, preferably twenty. (As you keep working the oil in your mouth, you will find that it thins and becomes a milky white liquid).
Caution: Do Not Swallow.
•    After the allotted time, spit out the oil.
•    Rinse your mouth, brush your teeth as usual, and rinse again.

What it is beneficial
You will be able to see some of the results of oil pulling almost immediately. Others will take some time to become noticeable. The regimen has been proved to benefit oral health and overall health, and have extended health benefits too.

Oral Health
For a start, your teeth will look cleaner and brighter. If you've been worrying about some shaky ones, and dreading a visit to the dentist, your worries will disappear soon after you start the oil pulling regimen - you will find that your gums are tightening, and your teeth are firmly fixed. Unpleasant mouth odour will also vanish. It will take care of bleeding gums too. Dry throats will be soothed, and lips will be smooth and healthy looking even in winter, without having to apply lip balms.
Research by dentists in controlled environments has shown a significant reduction in cavity-causing bacteria after regular oil pulling.

Overall Health
Apart from improved oral health, oil pulling has positively impacted various other health conditions, according to those who have practiced it.
It has been found to be effective in easing the symptoms of, or treating a wide range of disorders from skin problems to heart ailments, from nervous disorders to HIV AIDS, from premature greying to menstrual problems and from sleeplessness to cancer.
Extended Health
The vast canvass of health issues that oil pulling addresses has a ripple effect. It impacts not only the individual, but also the family, the society and also, to some extent the economy.

Benefits to the immediate family unit
Health has a direct bearing on happiness. When the individual members of a family are keeping good health, it improves the quality of life. Illness, whether short-term, like a simple headache or toothache, or with more far-reaching implications, like diabetes or cancer, can upset the equilibrium of family life, place a strain on family finances due to the necessity for medication, and add to tensions and worries, which in turn sets off a vicious cycle of ill-health.
A simple technique like oil pulling can contribute to preventing new illnesses and help either cure or alleviate the symptoms of existing ones, Idhayam, which means 'heart', has an important role in enhancing the quality of family life, which lies at the heart of society.

Benefits to productivity
Health has a direct bearing on productivity too. Healthy employees do not need to take sick leave, nor be supported in their illnesses. Less absenteeism means more production, and by extension, more profits for the company, and more benefits for the employee and his family.

Benefits to the economy
Taking the relationship between health and productivity further, healthy people and healthy productivity result in a healthy nation. As the health of a nation's people improves, its productivity goes up. As productivity increases, its economic health improves. Also, as the people's health improves, the government's expenditure on public or subsidized healthcare comes down, and there are more funds available for developmental needs, which in turn has a positive effect on the economy. Health is wealth.
Idhayam Wealth shows the way!

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